NEW! Community of owners Law in Spain. June 2013. Part Two

* 1/3 OF ALL OF OWNERS AND SHARES -Installation of telecommunications infrastructure or adapting of existing ones. -Installing common or private systems of renewable energy. -Installing energy-supply infrastructure groups. *MAJORITY OF ALL OWNERS AND SHARES (50% +1) -Works or service … [Read more...]

Spanish Courts being audited

A new commission with members of  Spain General Attorney office and the  Spain General Council of Judicial power will be reinforcing inspections on Courts, having control meetings every four months. Suggestions? … [Read more...]

Tarifa is saved!

Great article by Mark Stucklin of Spanish Property Insight Home › Insight › Costa de la Luz, Property news, Tarifa › Beach at Tarifa saved from over-development by new planning laws for the Andalucian coast Beach at Tarifa saved from over-development by new planning laws for the Andalucian … [Read more...]

NEW! Community of Owners Law in Spain. June 2013. Part One

1: The LPH ( Ley de Propiedad Horizontal) shall also apply to  sub-communities and urban conservation entities where so provided in its Estatues. 2: Improvements or damages of every unit will not alter the community  quota/fee, which can only be varied in accordance with the provisions of … [Read more...]

Limited Liability for Enterprenurs in Spain: protecting homes

A new Bill supporting entrepreneurs and their internationalization has been adopted  on July 3rd by the Congress of Deputies in Spain. This includes a new figure:  the "Limited Liability Entrepreneur" This new figure allows the individual entrepreneur prevent, under certain conditions, liability … [Read more...]

Costa de la Luz videos

Great  Facebook page of Costa de la Luz for your enjoyment!   … [Read more...]

Information for foreigners in Spain

Source: Information for Foreigners This section provides detailed information necessary for foreigners who want to visit … [Read more...]

Invest in Cadiz

Today´s conversation with a client: 1. Client to us: Hi Maria (...) Good to see you have had success with Finca Parcs. I think you will be busy with cases like this for several more years yet! Best regards Sean 2.- Us to client: Dear Sean: Thanks for your … [Read more...]

CostaLuz on the media this month

EL PAIS-Spanish and International Edition in English BBC TIMES DAILY MAIL _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Financial … [Read more...]

Welcome To Our New Website

Over the past three months we've been working away on developing our completely new website. I hope you like the changes that we've made. We've significantly increased the amount of information available through the site and expanded upon each of the services that we offer. Our "Cases Won" … [Read more...]

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