Spain Supreme Court on contract cancellation for publicity breach

  Very recent Court Decission where again  Spain Supreme Court remarks on  the contract nature of publicity in property developments. This last decission dated 23rd of July , 2013. Several days ago. A great new as there are difficult Appeal Courts persistently deffending the non essential … [Read more...]

Law for Foreign investment in Spain. Bit three

Keeping on our route plan for international investors in Spain:   Article 61.  Investment Accreditation.   For the grant of a residence visa for investors, these requirements will have to be met:   a) In the case referred to in point a) of paragraph 2 of Article 60, … [Read more...]

Law for Foreign investment in Spain. Bit two

Article 60. Residence visa for investors.   1. Non resident foreigns who intend to enter Spanish territory in order to make a significant capital investment may apply for entry visa, or if applicable, residence for investors.   2. Be understood as significant capital investment … [Read more...]

Simply thanks. A client

This is a simple phrase by a client today: "...I thank you for your interest and for always having the courtesy to reply to questions Best regards Xxxxxx Xxxxx What else do we need as proffessionals? … [Read more...]

Law for Foreign investment in Spain. Bit One

In order to encourage your apetite, we are translating some provisions of the soon coming regulations on Company Internationalization in Spain. It is going to be a hot autumn on this in Spain. Article 58. Entry and stay in Spain for reasons of economic interest. 1. Foreigners  intending to … [Read more...]

International Funds for people in Spain

International Investment Funds are coming back to Spain  to buy bargain properties. Mainly  owned by Sareb ( the Bad Bank). More than 800 million of euros have been spent by this international investors in Bank-owned-bargain properties during the last 15 days. A good oxygen for....... … [Read more...]

Spain New Enterpreneurs Act

Spanish text here. In force since last Monday, the 29th of July 2013. Foreign enterpreneurs come! English abstratcted verion in the oven Maria … [Read more...]

Claims on Justice services in Spain

A lawyer from the General Council of Judges answered to me today, encouraging you to direct your claims to these websites: Judidial Power Claims ( English Form)  General Attorney Claims ( Spanish Form). Can be sent in English Language Justice Department ( Spanish Form). Can be sent in … [Read more...]

Crowd studying against illegal mortgages in Spain

We, at CostaLuz-De Castro are starting serious study of cases where mortgages were granted by a Bank on houses with no Licenses. Either Work or First Occupation License. We want to study and analyse the degree of liability of Banks, but also of Notaries and convenyancing lawyers on this … [Read more...]

Supreme Court, injury to privacy and contract cancellation

Supreme Court Decission dated  28-11-2012  declares the cancellation  of the off- plan property sale in a coastal development in Malaga area. The modification of the housing project has altered the unit substantially as it has altered views and  have approached the property to area of vehicle … [Read more...]

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