Dations Testimonials

I would like to thank Maria and her team for getting a positive result of my request for Dation (HBKeys).  I had nearly given up hope as it had been a couple of years but I would urge anyone not to give up hope as it does take a while and patience is all that is needed.

Isabella May 2017

We used Costa de Luz lawyers to negotiate with our bank to take back our property in Spain and cancel the mortgage.
Whilst due to the banking and legal process in Spain this was protracted , eventually due to the efforts of Costa de Luz we got our wishes.
We found Costa de Luz to be very genuine and are indebted to them in helping resolve our issue

Alex Murray

Alex Murray - January 2017 - Dation

Many thanks to Maria and her team. They helped us reach a fantastic settlement with  our Spanish bank with regard to our property in Spain. I thoroughly researched solicitors in Spain before hiring Maria. I studied one of her previous cases in particular before hiring CostaLuz. Other solicitors had failed. Maria took on that very same case. This time with her know how and knowledge of Spanish property law, the court came down on the side of the property owner and not the bank.

I can whole heartedly recommended Maria and her team at Costaluz.

Richard - January 2017 - Dation Testimonial

Dear Maria L de Castro

I would like to recommend this firm of Spanish Lawyers to anyone who is struggling with a mortgage or property in Spain they helped us resolve our problem with our mortgage/property in Spain which we could never of done ourselves.  So to all the staff who dealt with us thank you very much.

Wendy & Gary - January 2017 - Dation Testimonial

I would like to say a big Thank You to Maria and her team for negotiating with our bank on our behalf regarding the settlement of our mortgage with them.
We were tied into the banks clauses after purchasing an apartment in 2007 just before the global financial crises and found ourselves with escalating mortgage interest rates, diminishing tourist and rental opportunities and a property that was worth 50% less than the purchase price had been.
The situation was financially untenable and we thought we would be well past retirement before the economy gets back to anywhere near the booming pre 2007 years.
However, Maria came to our rescue and did a marvellous job negotiating with our bank and coming to an arrangement well beyond our expectations, at the same time keeping us well informed and updated along the way.
Many Thanks Maria
Best wishes Rory.

Rory Driver - January 2017 - Dation Testimonial

Good morning Mar Durio


Thank you for your speedy email we received this morning.


We both would like to thank you and your colleagues for all the help and support we had received during our dispute with Onagrup for nearly 4 years.


Throughout our time during the dispute with Onagrup your company has made the process virtually stress free and has been dealt with in a very professional and supportive manner.


We can only say “A big thank you all very much for the time spent in settling our dispute, without your help we would not have reached this conclusion on our own, thank you all very much”.


Also, thank you for your offer of contacting your company if we have any issues in the future with Onagrup/Aucanada Club.



Once again, many thanks.


Kind regards


Brian and Barbara Fanning

Mr & Mrs Fanning - Timeshare - January 2016

We are very grateful to Luz Lawyers team, especially María Luisa de Castro and Maria Mar Durio, for their effort in cancellation of our timeshare contract on the Canaries.

The timeshare was the real burden and headache for us. Many thanks for helping us to get out of it.

We would like to recommend Costa Luz Lawyers to anyone who needs help with timeshare in Spain.

With grateful thanks,
Yuri and Irina

Yuri & Irina - August 2015

“We would like to thank Costa Luz Lawyers for helping us to sort out our Spanish timeshare.

Due to illness, we had been unable to use the timeshare for several years, and the owners of the resort refused to discuss the possibility of releasing us from the contract – they wouldn’t even take our weeks back for free. We had dabbled in the timeshare resale market only to realise that it was full of shady companies, and quickly realised that this was not the way to resolve our problem. We did some research and found the website of Costa Luz Lawyers; after reading lots of good feedback from a variety of satisfied clients we decided to ask them to represent us. They took copies of our paperwork and very quickly assured us we could stop our maintenance payments immediately, which we did. That was almost three years ago now and it is a great feeling to be free of a millstone around our necks at last.

We would recommend anyone with a timeshare problem in Spain to contact Costa Luz Lawyers.”

Mr & Mrs Taylor England (12.08.2014) TIMESHARE

Mr & Mrs Taylor England TIMESHARE

I just wanted to say thank-you very much to you and your colleagues for all your help with my Dacion in Spain. I was in a very difficult situation with Caja Murcia bank who provided me with a mortgage in 2005 to buy a 2 bed apartment which became toxic and I could no longer afford the payments due to various reasons. Hence I was very stressed and needed assistance and didn’t know what to do.

Everybody knows the Spanish economy especially the property market has been in crisis…”

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Philip Goldstone - December 2013

We would like to say a HUGE thank you to Maria and the team at Costa Luz Lawyers for their help over the last year which has helped us to secure a partial dation with the UCI for our mortgage in Spain.

There very stressful and worrying times as we could not afford to pay the mortgage but we felt assured by having Maria there to answer…”

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Vicky and Glenn Stride - January 2013

I would just like say a big thank you to Maria and her team at Costaluz Lawyers, we first contacted them in mid 2010 explaining we were if difficulty paying our mortgage on a property we purchased in Spain.

It was costing us around a 1000 Euros per month and we were getting little return in rentals despite using four different agents, we were unable to sell the property with our mortgage at 164K and the property value only around 85K…”

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Gavin and Amanda Healy - January 2012

Maria and team, thank you so much for helping us.

We hired Maria to help us negotiate Dacion en Pago with the bank on our Spanish property to avoid the threat of a European Enforcement Order on our property in the UK…”

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Gary and Sys Aitkenhead - November 2011

Following four years of worry having taken out 3 offplan properties in Spain, and being forced to complete on a very expensive apartment on a development which turned out not to be the luxury development advertised, we asked Eye on Spain to recommend a lawyer who would actually care about our situation.

Until now, our experience of Spanish lawyers…”

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David and Dawn Wood - January 2009

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