Costaluz Lawyers won cases so far in 2018

Continuing the battle for consumers rights and balance of the financial system in Spain, pleased to share with you our recent victories along these first 75 days of 2018: ORIHUELA P1 BANCO SABADELL MONSERRATE CAMARA ALBEROLA & SKY HOUSES LA … [Read more...]

Wills and Inheritance Tax in Spain

[Read more...]

Rights of disabled people to access community pools in Spain

Supreme Court has recently stated, no Decission has before been submitted to this Court on this point, that disabled members of community of owners have rights for the Community to cover costs in relation to the access of the same to the pool, to the limit of 12 monthly community payments.   … [Read more...]

Airline claim in Spain

Today´s very short legal tip: If you travelled and stayed in Spain during your holidays and suffered any damage arised from the activity of the Spanish Airline ( delay, lost of luggage...), despite you being  a foreign traveller; your hotel, hostal, rented apartment in Spain will be used as the … [Read more...]

Reflections before starting the New Year

  I was reflecting yesterday on the level of fullness and  satisfaction we had as Spaniards from 1978 to the early 90s . With the ups and downs inherent to any society, the social and economic welfare had during those years a natural, sustainable, predictable  pace ... Results could be … [Read more...]

Pros and cons for remote working

  Source: EL DERECHO, with data from GONZÁLEZ-POSADA MARTÍNEZ, E. El Teletrabajo, Junta de Castilla y León, Valladolid, 2006, p. 30. Translated by CostaLuz Lawyers Aspects Positive Negative Companies More flexibility and productivity. Less costs … [Read more...]

Spanish judges in UK and US

The Council of Ministers in Spain , at the proposal of  Minister of Justice , Alberto Ruiz- Gallardón, has decided to  strengthen presence of our Judicial body in the international arena with the appointment of a liaison magistrate in London to act before the judicial authorities of the United … [Read more...]

Spain wins for work-family balance

Spain rates extraordinary well on family-work balance at recent OCDE report If you are curious, read and tell us what you … [Read more...]

My debts on the Board? Is it legal?

Well, it depends... JUST IF/ As an extraordinary mean under certain requisites We explain Provision 16 of the Horizontal Property Act provides that the agenda for the General Meeting must contain: " a list of owners who are not updated in  payment of community fees". The Spanish … [Read more...]

IHT(Inheritance Tax) in Andalucia, Spain)

An old post, from 2009, which has been reanimated these days. Legal tip 170. 4 conditions to pay 0 € for IHT in Andalucia 26 October 2009 @ 15:21 As expressed in a recent Andalusian decree dated September 2009: the reduction of the taxable amount will be total, which means you will be … [Read more...]

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