Precontract of property purchase Spain

You are negotiating the purchase of a property and suddenly, the buyer choses to sell it to someone else. Is there anything I can do? It depends: a) If you did not agree on property and price nor set a day for signing the contract. There is not much you can do unless you can proof clear … [Read more...]

No pressure on when buying

The old, common, nasty ways of always: this is the last available bargain, RUSH!, we have got another interested buyer, RUN!, we cannot wait for you to check on..., DECIDE!, PAY! still running please, not to be trapped As a buyer, you have the  power and  the righst and  need to have  peace … [Read more...]

Americans coming

Two american funds buying Bank´s property businesses of big Spanish Banks in Spain: Bankia and CaixaBank. According to Expansion, the paper I read the new in: it is the intention of all international funds that have bought these real estate divissions/companies, to use them as local platforms to … [Read more...]

Supreme Court and Bank Guarantees in Spain

Stated by the Higher Spanish Court, dated  19th of July, 2013. In short and simple words, if house is almost finished, lack of Bank Guarantee will never produce a cancellation and refund of deposits, according to Spain Supreme Court. A reform of Law 57/68 is  necessary, in order to make clear … [Read more...]

Guide to buy in Spain

[Read more...]

Residency for investors in Spain

Not a secret now, Law in force: Non European foreign investors now getting residency permits in Spain, when: Investing equal to or more than 2 billion euros in Spanish government bonds, or purchase equal to or more than a million euros  in shares of  Spanish companies, or bank deposits at … [Read more...]

Banks to refund!

International Funds seeking Spain´s property, accordint to Knight Frank and commemnted by Mark Stucklin of Spanish Property Insight Yet another sign that big investors are targeting the distressed Spanish property market in search of high returns. Spain has moved up from sixth to third place in a … [Read more...]

CostaLuz Lawyers client is offering

  COSTA LUZ LAWYERS  NEWS BOARD Client of us is willing to do an exchange of his property (modernised 3bed 2bath finca on at Lucena del Puerto (21820) in Huelva province) for a property in the UK. Our Law Firm is not a Estate Agency and therefore is not charging any … [Read more...]

Friend John Wolfendale of EcovidaInternational says about us… Maria Luisa de Castro: a Spanish lawyer with a northern … [Read more...]

Tarifa is saved!

Great article by Mark Stucklin of Spanish Property Insight Home › Insight › Costa de la Luz, Property news, Tarifa › Beach at Tarifa saved from over-development by new planning laws for the Andalucian coast Beach at Tarifa saved from over-development by new planning laws for the Andalucian … [Read more...]

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