Los Lagos de Santa María and Supreme Court

Very recent Court Decission by the Supreme Court in regards of this conflictive development in Marbella. Los Lagos de Santa María. Third time the Supreme Court discusses on this in October 2013. Supreme Court, following a doctrine they started last year ( 10th of September 2012), again, states … [Read more...]

Who cares about Lawyers Rankings?

I do not. I run away from them. Kind of dislike them. It is my instinct. Do not care about any ranking for professionals  unless it covers human abilities and tastes such: sense of cooperation, sense of social justice, team abilities, extra-professional activities, type of heart, … [Read more...]

Ethics Code for Lawyers in Spain

Great translation job by Manuel Guerrero, member of the team: Spain Lawyers Ethics Code … [Read more...]

Refund if Ground Floors in mortgages

 Congratulations to clients, ADICAE and Cuenca Appeal Court, . Teaching the Spanish Supreme Court to understand what nullity is and what are their effects under very basic and general principles of Law. Since Roman times. Nullity have always clear consequences: effects to be reversed. In short … [Read more...]

Limited Liability for Enterprenurs in Spain: protecting homes

A new Bill supporting entrepreneurs and their internationalization has been adopted  on July 3rd by the Congress of Deputies in Spain. This includes a new figure:  the "Limited Liability Entrepreneur" This new figure allows the individual entrepreneur prevent, under certain conditions, liability … [Read more...]

Invest in Cadiz

Today´s conversation with a client: 1. Client to us: Hi Maria (...) Good to see you have had success with Finca Parcs. I think you will be busy with cases like this for several more years yet! Best regards Sean 2.- Us to client: Dear Sean: Thanks for your … [Read more...]

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