Precontract of property purchase Spain

You are negotiating the purchase of a property and suddenly, the buyer choses to sell it to someone else. Is there anything I can do? It depends: a) If you did not agree on property and price nor set a day for signing the contract. There is not much you can do unless you can proof clear … [Read more...]

Who cares about Lawyers Rankings?

I do not. I run away from them. Kind of dislike them. It is my instinct. Do not care about any ranking for professionals  unless it covers human abilities and tastes such: sense of cooperation, sense of social justice, team abilities, extra-professional activities, type of heart, … [Read more...]

Supreme Court and Bank Guarantees in Spain

Stated by the Higher Spanish Court, dated  19th of July, 2013. In short and simple words, if house is almost finished, lack of Bank Guarantee will never produce a cancellation and refund of deposits, according to Spain Supreme Court. A reform of Law 57/68 is  necessary, in order to make clear … [Read more...]

Guide to buy in Spain

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Spain Tenancy Act 2013

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Law for Foreign Investment in Spain. Bit seven

Article 69. Training, Research, development and innovation. Foreigners who intend to enter Spain, or who are holders of a residence permit and residence, wishing to engage in training, research, development and innovation in public or private fields, shall be provided with the appropriate visa or … [Read more...]

Law for Foreign Investment in Spain. Bit six

Article 68. Highly qualified professionals. Companies requiring incorporation into Spanish territory of foreign professionals for the development of an employment or professional relationship included in any of the following circumstances, may apply for a residence permit for highly qualified … [Read more...]

Law about Foreign Investment in Spain. Bit Four

Article 62. Effects of residence visa for investors. The granting of a residence visa for investors is sufficient title to reside in Spain for at least one year. Article 63. Residence permit for investors. 1. Foreign investors wishing to reside in Spain for a period exceeding one year, may … [Read more...]

Law for Foreign investment in Spain. Bit three

Keeping on our route plan for international investors in Spain:   Article 61.  Investment Accreditation.   For the grant of a residence visa for investors, these requirements will have to be met:   a) In the case referred to in point a) of paragraph 2 of Article 60, … [Read more...]

Simply thanks. A client

This is a simple phrase by a client today: "...I thank you for your interest and for always having the courtesy to reply to questions Best regards Xxxxxx Xxxxx What else do we need as proffessionals? … [Read more...]

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