Supreme Court and 3 months delay

    Recent Court Decission by our Supreme Court ( Tribunal Supremo Sala 1ª, S 11-12-2013)remarks that as per the contract, as parties mutually agree, delay as a cause for contract cancellation,the 3 months delay is enough for the contract to be cancelled and refund obligation to … [Read more...]

No occupation license and cancellation?

As a continuation of previous post: Seems to me that these Supreme Court Decissions, as a matter of fact, make those 57/68 rights weaker. Again, I can understand that there are different levels of breaches and that because of that different level of measures/ consequences need to arise but, … [Read more...]

Spain Supreme Court and lack of finances

Recent Court Decission by  Spain Supreme Court has established that cancellation of  off plan contract operates if delay by the builder brought the building period to reach the financial crisis and, therefore, mortgage was not granted to the buyer. Principles substaining this decission are those … [Read more...]

Supreme Court, injury to privacy and contract cancellation

Supreme Court Decission dated  28-11-2012  declares the cancellation  of the off- plan property sale in a coastal development in Malaga area. The modification of the housing project has altered the unit substantially as it has altered views and  have approached the property to area of vehicle … [Read more...]

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