Law 57/68 explained by Keith Rule

A very good explanation of Law 57/68 by Keith Rule. LEY 57/1968 - AN EXPLANATION LEY 57/1968 is a short but very important Law which was implemented in the Public Interest on 27 July 1968 specifically to safeguard purchasers deposits paid in good faith to developers for off-plan … [Read more...]

To check out when a Bank is selling property

- Deposit contract: Revise that it is treated as a true deposit contract and that therefore penalty clauses if the sale is finally not concluded are balanced, recirpocal, equivalent for buyers and sellers. Have clear statement that rule governing the deposit is that of 1454 of the Civil … [Read more...]

Seven New Case Law against Banks

Seven new, Seven good!  Case Law where Judges are punishing  Banks  to refund those deposits they did not control . Those which received amounts on developers accounts and did not do a proper job for protection of those deposits. Our list has now 40 different Case Law from many different Appeal … [Read more...]

Banks to refund!

International Funds seeking Spain´s property, accordint to Knight Frank and commemnted by Mark Stucklin of Spanish Property Insight Yet another sign that big investors are targeting the distressed Spanish property market in search of high returns. Spain has moved up from sixth to third place in a … [Read more...]

Do not rush into signing deposit contract with a Bank

Some banks are trying to impose very detrimental clauses on buyers by which they give up any possible actions regarding hidden deffects of the property. Do not be blinded by low prices to the extent of buying without rights. That´s why, please remind a golden rule ( FIRST LAWYER, THEN DEPOSIT … [Read more...]

Refund if Ground Floors in mortgages

 Congratulations to clients, ADICAE and Cuenca Appeal Court, . Teaching the Spanish Supreme Court to understand what nullity is and what are their effects under very basic and general principles of Law. Since Roman times. Nullity have always clear consequences: effects to be reversed. In short … [Read more...]

CostaLuz on the media this month

EL PAIS-Spanish and International Edition in English BBC TIMES DAILY MAIL _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Financial … [Read more...]

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