Spain’s IRPH Mortgages to be revised by Europe?

Clients with mortgages linked to the IRPH index in Spain aim to refer their case to the European courts. They have been encouraged by the vote of two Supreme Court Magistrates who believe that the clause does not meet the required transparency control. On November 22, Spain’s Supreme Court ruled … [Read more...]

Spain Supreme Court Decission on the importance of pre-contractual information for mortgage contracts in Spain

SENTENCE No. 643/2017 OF TS, ROOM 1, OF THE CIVIL, NOVEMBER 24, 2017 A recent Sentence which gives protection against abusive clauses to all mortgage debtors who subrogated developer’s mortgage contracts during the real estate boom. This is another sign of the magnificent work the Supreme … [Read more...]

Supreme Court Crack Down on Timeshare Contracts

Our Supreme Court is being very brave and wise when sanctioning illegal schemes of timeshare rights which are spread out along the Spanish Coasts. Law which is being applied is from 1998 which rules all existing timeshares in Spain till July 2012, when the current law entered into force. Both … [Read more...]

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