Law 57/68 brings a new victory to a client of Corvera Phase I-II

Based on the argument of "delay", Law 57/68 brought a victory to one but not to all the clients of the group because, according to the judge, they signed a "Loyalty Document" and that is the reason why their claims have been rejected. However, we do wish to appeal against that decision. Law 57/68 … [Read more...]

New judicial doctrine by the Supreme Court on Contract Cancellations

The Spanish Supreme Court has established new judicial doctrine on contract cancellations. According to a decision from May 7, 2014, by the Civil Room: 1. Any delay is cancellatory in Declarative Procedures and Claims against guarantors; 2. According to Spanish Act 57/68, 3rd Provision, an … [Read more...]

Case won against SGR and BBVA bank in Herrada del Tollo

We have been just notified (last June 26, 2014) about a new case won in Herrada del Tollo. COSTALUZ LAWYERS & DECASTRO Law Firms worked hard for our clients on Spanish Act 57/68.  The defendants were SGR and BBVA Bank; this was a typical case of abusive behaviour during the Spanish real … [Read more...]

Albacete: New Court decision against a Bank!

A new pro-consumer decision supported by Spanish Act 57/68, this time by the Appeals Court of Albacete. Sabadell Bank will have to provide the client who was not awarded an individual guarantee with a refund of the amount paid. This is great news for our clients and for society! Actions … [Read more...]

New Case Won by COSTALUZ & DECASTRO against Mare Nostrum bank!

First Instance Sentence issued last 5th of June and notified on 17th of June 2014 establishes that the bank MARE NOSTRUM (before, CAJA DE AHORROS GENERAL DE GRANADA) is liable under Spanish Act 57/68 for failing to demand from the Promotor the corresponding Certificate of Insurance or … [Read more...]

New opportunities for those injured by AIFOS’ developments

Under Spanish Act 57/68 we have found the necessary information for starting actions against banks in order to help injured people to recover their money, just in these developments in Costa del Sol: - Balcon del Hipódromo. - Hacienda Casares. - Las caballerizas. - Hacienda Marina. - … [Read more...]

Law 57/68 again reinforces Banks’ liabitilies

Once again thanks to Law 57/68 a Bank settles in Court because of its liability regarding a development, PROMILORCI, and the deposits of the buyers. This is the result of another Action against Banks led by COSTALUZ & DECASTRO, in this case in Murcia. With this decision BANKIA saves some … [Read more...]

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