Taramundi: One of the Nicer Villages in Spain

The past weekend, I listened, on the radio, talking about one of the nicer villages in Spain: Taramundi. Taramundi Taramundi is a Council of the Autonomous Community of the Principality of Asturias. In addition, its town is the capital. From the geological point of view, the territory of … [Read more...]

Transfer tax in Spain and how to defend yourself against local tax authority claims

WHAT IS THE TRANSFER TAX? The tax to be paid by you as a property buyer in Spain is called the Transfer Tax. The rate varies from region to region. The taxable amount on which this rate is applied is known as the Tax Value of the … [Read more...]

Moving With My Car…..Changing Plates or Taxes?

Moving with my car? Plates changing? Taxes? Seasonal stays If you are a European Citizen but you stay abroad in another EU country for less than 6 months you do not have to register your car or pay any taxes there. Under above circumstances you cannot legally rent your car to a resident but … [Read more...]


All is decided... now is the right time: you are finally moving to Spain. You are feeling a combination of excitement and fear but are determined to make the move to start a new life. You are planning the best strategy for a smooth transition. “A figure of utmost trust would be ideal”, you … [Read more...]


You are lost in the huge amount of available properties, agents and offers in Spain. Whilst you do not want to miss the opportunity, your previous experience is telling you clearly that you need to be in the hands of a good, independent lawyer. We can be your friendly hand in Spain and be with … [Read more...]


We all know the story.......Lawyers working in association with Estate agents who did nothing for hundreds of clients during the housing boom (lack of guarantees, lack of timely legal advice to breaches of developers and banks, lack of genuine interest in their clients’ needs and … [Read more...]

Conveyancing COSTALUZ LAWYERS Golden Rules (1)

Coming soon we will offer you a series of posts about Conveyancing in Spain. We will try to help you and guide you to make your process easier and more enjoyable. We are offering you our COSTALUZ Golden Rules on Conveyancing. FIRST OF ALL, THE DEPOSIT CONTRACT: Number 1: Your deposit … [Read more...]

Reflections before starting the New Year

  I was reflecting yesterday on the level of fullness and  satisfaction we had as Spaniards from 1978 to the early 90s . With the ups and downs inherent to any society, the social and economic welfare had during those years a natural, sustainable, predictable  pace ... Results could be … [Read more...]

Just one month for work visa

Celebrating a client of us was granted work visa today. She is from Russia. It took just one month for her to have it. It was a transforming process as she already had residency visa. Great! Maria … [Read more...]

Precontract of property purchase Spain

You are negotiating the purchase of a property and suddenly, the buyer choses to sell it to someone else. Is there anything I can do? It depends: a) If you did not agree on property and price nor set a day for signing the contract. There is not much you can do unless you can proof clear … [Read more...]

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