Does the Uber ruling affect online platforms for the sale and/or rental of real estate in Spain?

The recent Preliminary Ruling of 20th December 2017 from the EUCJ (European Union Court of Justice) raises the question of whether the solution of the European court can be applied to other online platforms that intervene in different markets, specifically in the real estate market for the sale and … [Read more...]

Renting Your House In Asturias

RENTING YOUR HOUSE IN ASTURIAS If you are a property owner who rents his property at lease once a year , through tourism channels in ASTURIAS: You need to know: The unit cannot be classified as : hotel, tourist apartment, rural house, and tourist lodgings. You provide lodging service for … [Read more...]

First Occupation Licence is ALWAYS Necessary for Off-Plan Property Purchases

First Occupation License is always necessary when completing on your off plan property purchase Notary deeds in Spain.   Whatever regional regulations establishes, as Notaries and Registrars and Constitutional Court in Spain have already set, when interpreting all Acts and regulations … [Read more...]

Renting Your House in Aragon

RENTING YOUR HOUSE IN ARAGON If you are a property owner in Aragon and: You rent your property for seasons Directly or indirectly Furnished and equipped in conditions of immediate use You use Tourism marketing channels You get a rent for this You are under the obligation of renting … [Read more...]

Land Rental Contract

Today´s star question at the Law Firm: Is it the rental contract of my plot of land ( whose tenant has developed into turning it into a great business) submitted to obligatory by Law clauses or do the free will principle works here? Contract´s deadline is being met on next Septermber 201. Can he … [Read more...]

Problems with Jointly Owned Property in Spain

That problem with the jointly owned property in Spain. Let me tell you… According to provisions 400 et seq of the Civil Code: "No co-owner is obliged to remain in the community, each of them may at any time divide the common thing" If the shared property to be divided is indivisible, either … [Read more...]

Real Estate Easements

BASIC CONCEPTS A real estate easement is a right on another owner´s real estate unit. The content of the right is the possibility of using the estate in a more or less full way. These rights can be established by Law or by the will of parties. Any owner can constitute on his property the … [Read more...]

Holiday Rental Properties in Andalucia

Holiday rental houses in Andalucia Only rules for Holiday houses or touristic rental houses in Andalucía are included in a Tourism Regional Law dated 1999 Definition: Houses that offer a lodging service to the public for a seasonal use or are rented by tourists at least once a year. Rentals … [Read more...]


All is decided... now is the right time: you are finally moving to Spain. You are feeling a combination of excitement and fear but are determined to make the move to start a new life. You are planning the best strategy for a smooth transition. “A figure of utmost trust would be ideal”, you … [Read more...]


You are lost in the huge amount of available properties, agents and offers in Spain. Whilst you do not want to miss the opportunity, your previous experience is telling you clearly that you need to be in the hands of a good, independent lawyer. We can be your friendly hand in Spain and be with … [Read more...]

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