Supreme Court and 3 months delay

    Recent Court Decission by our Supreme Court ( Tribunal Supremo Sala 1ª, S 11-12-2013)remarks that as per the contract, as parties mutually agree, delay as a cause for contract cancellation,the 3 months delay is enough for the contract to be cancelled and refund obligation to … [Read more...]

Leon on Banks liabilities

Recent, December Court Decission by Leon Appeal Court stating that: Regardless the existence of a "special account", if there are enough evidences ( Bank being sole financer, Bank knowing private contracts...) for the Bank to know that those amounts were off plan payments by buyers, applying Law … [Read more...]

Tourism registration of my property in Valencia region

There are two important exceptions to this obligation: 1. Seasonal rentals which do not provide tourism services: house cleaning, change of linen, luggage custody, laundry, repairs and maintenance. 2. If just one property is being placed in the tourism market. In these cases, registration is … [Read more...]

No occupation license and cancellation?

As a continuation of previous post: Seems to me that these Supreme Court Decissions, as a matter of fact, make those 57/68 rights weaker. Again, I can understand that there are different levels of breaches and that because of that different level of measures/ consequences need to arise but, … [Read more...]

Precontract of property purchase Spain

You are negotiating the purchase of a property and suddenly, the buyer choses to sell it to someone else. Is there anything I can do? It depends: a) If you did not agree on property and price nor set a day for signing the contract. There is not much you can do unless you can proof clear … [Read more...]

My debts on the Board? Is it legal?

Well, it depends... JUST IF/ As an extraordinary mean under certain requisites We explain Provision 16 of the Horizontal Property Act provides that the agenda for the General Meeting must contain: " a list of owners who are not updated in  payment of community fees". The Spanish … [Read more...]

Illegal mortgaging

  As being knowingly granted by the Bank to  someone who is not the holder of all ownership rights on the house.  Of course to someone who is a debtor of the Bank and therefore, Bank gets  financially benefitted by the illegal granting. No surprise!   Banks taking advantage of the fact … [Read more...]

Spain 2013 Property Communities Act

[Read more...]

No pressure on when buying

The old, common, nasty ways of always: this is the last available bargain, RUSH!, we have got another interested buyer, RUN!, we cannot wait for you to check on..., DECIDE!, PAY! still running please, not to be trapped As a buyer, you have the  power and  the righst and  need to have  peace … [Read more...]

Case won against Duja and Caja Canarias

Type of Document: First Instance Court Decission Title: xxxxxx CONTRA DUJA TENERIFE Y CAJA DE AHORROS DE CANARIAS.SAN SEBASTIAN DE LA GOMERA. File: xxxxxxxxxxSENTENCIA P.I..pdf Document date: 22/10/2013 Observations:  First Instance Decission won. Contract cancelled, DUJA and CAJA DE AHORROS DE … [Read more...]

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