Holiday Rental Properties in Andalucia

Holiday rental houses in Andalucia Only rules for Holiday houses or touristic rental houses in Andalucía are included in a Tourism Regional Law dated 1999 Definition: Houses that offer a lodging service to the public for a seasonal use or are rented by tourists at least once a year. Rentals … [Read more...]

Spanish Tax Office Clampdown

Spain's Tax Office will focus its actions this year in several areas, including the underground economy, and within this section, it will focus on the services and tourism sectors. In this sense, it will act upon those individuals who, in an "opaque" way rent properties online to the tourism … [Read more...]


All is decided... now is the right time: you are finally moving to Spain. You are feeling a combination of excitement and fear but are determined to make the move to start a new life. You are planning the best strategy for a smooth transition. “A figure of utmost trust would be ideal”, you … [Read more...]


We all know the story.......Lawyers working in association with Estate agents who did nothing for hundreds of clients during the housing boom (lack of guarantees, lack of timely legal advice to breaches of developers and banks, lack of genuine interest in their clients’ needs and … [Read more...]

Can I use my commercial premises as a home?

Yes, you can, Supreme Court has recently stated so: with the limitation of obtaining the corresponding license of habitation. The Supreme Court reasons this freedom as it is an action which (1) does not alter the community of owners’ participation fee (2) does not alter common elements. Any … [Read more...]


We tend to underestimate the importance of the deposit contract when buying a house in Spain: it is not infrequent that buyers sign this with no previous legal advice or understanding of the matter. This can compromise some of their rights.  1. What is a deposit contract? The deposit … [Read more...]

Conveyancing COSTALUZ LAWYERS Golden Rules (1)

Coming soon we will offer you a series of posts about Conveyancing in Spain. We will try to help you and guide you to make your process easier and more enjoyable. We are offering you our COSTALUZ Golden Rules on Conveyancing. FIRST OF ALL, THE DEPOSIT CONTRACT: Number 1: Your deposit … [Read more...]

Information about Easements in Spain

He have joint here several posts by Maria de Castro about different easements in Spain. In case you find them … [Read more...]

Data interchange between Cadastre and Land Registry in Spain: to be improved

The Minister of Justice in Spain has recently proposed a reform on Land and Mortage Acts for a better coordination between both entities. This reform draft aims to promote the safe interchange of information since both Land Registry and Cadastre work on same realities but from different points of … [Read more...]

What you need to pay when selling a property in Spain

When you sell a property in Spain there are some expenses that you need to know about: -PLUSVALIA: It is a local tax. Its Spanish name is "Impuesto sobre el Incremento del Valor de los Terrenos de Naturaleza Urbana", and consists of a municipal tax on the increase in the value of the urban land … [Read more...]

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