Second sales of properties and hidden defects in Spain

Second sales of properties and hidden defects: legal actions When the buyer can not avail himself of the usual, normal and ordinary profits of the acquired thing, he may exercise the action derived from the hidden defects or redhibitory vices, which refer to the vices, imperfections or defects … [Read more...]

Real Estate Easements

BASIC CONCEPTS A real estate easement is a right on another owner´s real estate unit. The content of the right is the possibility of using the estate in a more or less full way. These rights can be established by Law or by the will of parties. Any owner can constitute on his property the … [Read more...]

Can I use my commercial premises as a home?

Yes, you can, Supreme Court has recently stated so: with the limitation of obtaining the corresponding license of habitation. The Supreme Court reasons this freedom as it is an action which (1) does not alter the community of owners’ participation fee (2) does not alter common elements. Any … [Read more...]

Information about Easements in Spain

He have joint here several posts by Maria de Castro about different easements in Spain. In case you find them … [Read more...]

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