Spain’s Supreme Court applies law 57/68 to urban illegalities

In a recent judgment dated 12th September 2016, the Supreme Court states that if either nullity or cancellation of the contract of sale of illegal housing is requested, Law 57/68 and its entire body of doctrine apply. Due to the masterful interpretation recently being applied to Law 57/68 cases … [Read more...]

A win precedent. 4 British families will be compensated and their (illegal) houses not demolished

A recent ruling by Judge Maria Teresa Vidaurreta of Criminal Court No. 2 of Almeria considers first time the moral damage and suffering of homebuyers whose properties were later on classified as illegal houses since they were built on non-for-building land. The victims, most of them Brits who bought … [Read more...]

New urban Law in Valencia to licence illegally built properties

A new Urban Law in Valencia which came into force on August, 20, 2014 extends the time during which illegally built properties will be allowed to remain. All isolated constructions located in non-buildable land or constructions built before May 2nd, 1975, with no Local License will be assimilated … [Read more...]

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