5 Questions on the effects of Brexit when buying, owning and selling property in Spain

Will I still have rights to buy and own a property in Spain? Of course yes, your acquisition rights will remain intact. Ownership rights as regulated in our Civil Code are the same regardless of nationality. Will I still have rights to rent it out? Again, of course, rental rights are … [Read more...]

How can a non EU national start a company in Spain? Visa requisites

GENERAL REQUISITES Not be found irregularly on Spanish soil. Being over 18 years. Lack of criminal records in Spain and in the countries where he has resided in the last 5 years, for crimes foreseen in the Spanish legal system. Do not appear as objectionable in the territorial … [Read more...]

Spanish residents with goods abroad: new deadline to declare in March

For those residents in Spain who have any good or rights abroad, be it a bank account, financial products or assets, etc., there is a new deadline for those goods to be declared: 31th of March 2014, instead of 1st of March. More information: Tax Agency (Agencia Tributaria), Modelo … [Read more...]

A frequently unknown subject: Taxation of Non-Residents in Spain

Here is a link to the official guide about Taxation of non-residents in Spain. It is published by the national tax administration body. There are many non-resident people who are not aware of this matter. The problem comes when the consequences of unpaid taxes come to the fore... So, you should … [Read more...]

Family members of EU citizen

  Family members of a citizen of a State member of the EU or a State party in the Agreement on EEA who are not nationals of one of the aforementioned States , when accompanying or meeting him/her, will be allowed to reside in Spain for a period of time superior to three months ,being … [Read more...]

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