Banks do not pay donation taxes for payment in kinds

When, in a payment in kind (in Spanish, "dación"), the property is valued lower than the debt and the lender releases in their entirety to the debtor, the General Directorate of Central Taxes considers that there is no donation, which greatly facilitates that such operations, so socially demanded, … [Read more...]

Repossession and abusive clauses

Spain executive approved a decree last Friday, 2014 September 5th, by which mortgagors being repossessed have rights to appeal the Court's denial of  his opposition to enforcement if abusive clauses were denounced in that opposition ( floor clause, high delay interests...) Civil Procedure Act has … [Read more...]

Under Threat Of Repossession? Read This Now

Are you under the threat of being repossessed? You can check some things out: Check if your mortgage debt has a floor clause. According to a recent decision by the European Court, a property cannot be repossessed whilst a case for nulling a floor clause is going on. Check if your mortgage … [Read more...]

An eloquent Spanish cartoon about mortgages. We have the solution for you!

A cartoon by Forges:   1. Saw a house I liked. 2. Bank sent HIS valuator who valuated the house. 3. Bank granted me a mortgage for buying it, knowing my economic situation. 4. I paid till I was made redundant. 5. As I could not keep the mortgage payments up, I asked the … [Read more...]

Keys Back to the Bank: a testimonial

  Received this JEWEL today. Wanted to share: Sorry this has taken me so long but I’m emailing you in response to your request for a testimonial hope it’s not too long; I just wanted to say thank-you very much to you and your colleagues for all your help with my Dacion in Spain. I was … [Read more...]

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