Lawyers liabilities & Professional negligence

When is a lawyer liable for a “bad result”? The professional obligation of the lawyer is not determined specifically by the result but by using all the right means, using his knowledge and professionalism solely in the interest of the client and aiming to achieve the best result. Lawyers work … [Read more...]

Who Said the Lawyer isn’t Liable?

Case Law in Spain has already declared liabilities of conveyance lawyers who assisted clients in off plan purchases when clients lack Bank Guarantees Depending on possibilities of proving (1) effective damages arising from this lack and (2) direct cause-effect relationship between the damage … [Read more...]


We all know the story.......Lawyers working in association with Estate agents who did nothing for hundreds of clients during the housing boom (lack of guarantees, lack of timely legal advice to breaches of developers and banks, lack of genuine interest in their clients’ needs and … [Read more...]

Tricky businesses in a mad world

Yes. This could sound ironic: those legal advisors who caused so many troubles to buyers, nor are making business from their own faults and are offering the remedy to injureds. Same as virus-against-computers businesses... Ironically congrats to Fuster Abogados! … [Read more...]

Lawyers’ negligencies

This sounds very hard but unfortunately it happens and we -lawyers- should respond for our negligencies when commited. Many of our contract cancellation clients are suffering the consequences of not having been provided with proper Bank Guaranties or Insurance Policy when purchasing their … [Read more...]

Business complicity and human rights abuses

Ken Mac Phail is a professor of social and ethical accounting at La Trobe Business School. He publishes a great article today at The Times: "Business Schools and Human Rights". Sometimes it is better to give the floor to wise people, so, let us share today's opinion of Mac Phail in this post. He … [Read more...]

Channel for complaints as a tool to protect ethics

Some companies are introducing new procedures in order to guarantee safe and ethic businesses. In the banking sector, Bankia has implemented a new confidential channel of complaints for suppliers and employees (customers already have their own channel). The novelty in this case is that the … [Read more...]

Law 57/68 explained by Keith Rule

A very good explanation of Law 57/68 by Keith Rule. LEY 57/1968 - AN EXPLANATION LEY 57/1968 is a short but very important Law which was implemented in the Public Interest on 27 July 1968 specifically to safeguard purchasers deposits paid in good faith to developers for off-plan … [Read more...]

No occupation license and cancellation?

As a continuation of previous post: Seems to me that these Supreme Court Decissions, as a matter of fact, make those 57/68 rights weaker. Again, I can understand that there are different levels of breaches and that because of that different level of measures/ consequences need to arise but, … [Read more...]

My debts on the Board? Is it legal?

Well, it depends... JUST IF/ As an extraordinary mean under certain requisites We explain Provision 16 of the Horizontal Property Act provides that the agenda for the General Meeting must contain: " a list of owners who are not updated in  payment of community fees". The Spanish … [Read more...]

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