Team work

Team work: a matter of love: without being in love with team work and with the work the team develops, there is no conviction, no motivation, no team. … [Read more...]

Who cares about Lawyers Rankings?

I do not. I run away from them. Kind of dislike them. It is my instinct. Do not care about any ranking for professionals  unless it covers human abilities and tastes such: sense of cooperation, sense of social justice, team abilities, extra-professional activities, type of heart, … [Read more...]

No pressure on when buying

The old, common, nasty ways of always: this is the last available bargain, RUSH!, we have got another interested buyer, RUN!, we cannot wait for you to check on..., DECIDE!, PAY! still running please, not to be trapped As a buyer, you have the  power and  the righst and  need to have  peace … [Read more...]

Case won against Duja and Caja Canarias

Type of Document: First Instance Court Decission Title: xxxxxx CONTRA DUJA TENERIFE Y CAJA DE AHORROS DE CANARIAS.SAN SEBASTIAN DE LA GOMERA. File: xxxxxxxxxxSENTENCIA P.I..pdf Document date: 22/10/2013 Observations:  First Instance Decission won. Contract cancelled, DUJA and CAJA DE AHORROS DE … [Read more...]

Ethics Code for Lawyers in Spain

Great translation job by Manuel Guerrero, member of the team: Spain Lawyers Ethics Code … [Read more...]

Email for Claims on Justice in Spain

COSTALUZ LAWYERS  NEWS BOARD General Attorney´s communication office offers his email address for any matter related to the work of Administration of Justice in Spain. You can write to them in English. Email to contact them is as follows:   … [Read more...]

Thanks from a client again

These made our days! Dear Maria: Thank you for your email of 27 August. I am very grateful for your helpful advice. I want to also say a special thank you for all the reports and advice on your Eyeonspain blog that have over past years provided support to so many of us owners trying to ensure … [Read more...]

Simply thanks. A client

This is a simple phrase by a client today: "...I thank you for your interest and for always having the courtesy to reply to questions Best regards Xxxxxx Xxxxx What else do we need as proffessionals? … [Read more...]

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