Second sales of properties and hidden defects in Spain

Second sales of properties and hidden defects: legal actions When the buyer can not avail himself of the usual, normal and ordinary profits of the acquired thing, he may exercise the action derived from the hidden defects or redhibitory vices, which refer to the vices, imperfections or defects … [Read more...]

Does the Uber ruling affect online platforms for the sale and/or rental of real estate in Spain?

The recent Preliminary Ruling of 20th December 2017 from the EUCJ (European Union Court of Justice) raises the question of whether the solution of the European court can be applied to other online platforms that intervene in different markets, specifically in the real estate market for the sale and … [Read more...]

Some short legal tips on Land Grab or Urban Expropriations in Spain

Where are Urban Expropriations (Land Grab) regulated in Spain? The urban expropriations are mainly regulated by regional legislation without prejudice to the application of  Ground Act of National scope. The Forced Expropriation Act, in any case, is supplementary to the aforementioned … [Read more...]

Supreme Court Crack Down on Timeshare Contracts

Our Supreme Court is being very brave and wise when sanctioning illegal schemes of timeshare rights which are spread out along the Spanish Coasts. Law which is being applied is from 1998 which rules all existing timeshares in Spain till July 2012, when the current law entered into force. Both … [Read more...]

Are drones allowed for commercial uses in Spain?

Are drones allowed for commercial use in Spain? This matter is regulated by the Royal Decree-Law 8/2014 on Air Navigation and Law 18/2014, of 15 October, approving urgent measures for growth, competitiveness and efficiency. Article 50 of that Law establishes provisions relating to civil … [Read more...]

Supreme Court and 3 months delay

    Recent Court Decission by our Supreme Court ( Tribunal Supremo Sala 1ª, S 11-12-2013)remarks that as per the contract, as parties mutually agree, delay as a cause for contract cancellation,the 3 months delay is enough for the contract to be cancelled and refund obligation to … [Read more...]

Law 57/68 explained by Keith Rule

A very good explanation of Law 57/68 by Keith Rule. LEY 57/1968 - AN EXPLANATION LEY 57/1968 is a short but very important Law which was implemented in the Public Interest on 27 July 1968 specifically to safeguard purchasers deposits paid in good faith to developers for off-plan … [Read more...]

No occupation license and cancellation?

As a continuation of previous post: Seems to me that these Supreme Court Decissions, as a matter of fact, make those 57/68 rights weaker. Again, I can understand that there are different levels of breaches and that because of that different level of measures/ consequences need to arise but, … [Read more...]

Just one month for work visa

Celebrating a client of us was granted work visa today. She is from Russia. It took just one month for her to have it. It was a transforming process as she already had residency visa. Great! Maria … [Read more...]

Spanish judges in UK and US

The Council of Ministers in Spain , at the proposal of  Minister of Justice , Alberto Ruiz- Gallardón, has decided to  strengthen presence of our Judicial body in the international arena with the appointment of a liaison magistrate in London to act before the judicial authorities of the United … [Read more...]

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