First Occupation Licence is ALWAYS Necessary for Off-Plan Property Purchases

First Occupation License is always necessary when completing on your off plan property purchase Notary deeds in Spain.   Whatever regional regulations establishes, as Notaries and Registrars and Constitutional Court in Spain have already set, when interpreting all Acts and regulations … [Read more...]


We all know the story.......Lawyers working in association with Estate agents who did nothing for hundreds of clients during the housing boom (lack of guarantees, lack of timely legal advice to breaches of developers and banks, lack of genuine interest in their clients’ needs and … [Read more...]

What does the lease with option purchase agreement mean and what are its implications?

The Lease with Option Purchase Agreement consists of a tenant that remains in a rented home for a certain period agreed by both parties. Once that agreed period is over, the tenant may choose to purchase that home with a price reduced according to the rents paid previously. It comes to be a sort … [Read more...]

Conveyancing COSTALUZ LAWYERS Golden Rules (2)

THE DEPOSIT CONTRACT. RULE NUMBER 1: CLEAR AND FULL IDENTIFICATION OF THE PARTIES. As explained in our preceding post, the Deposit Contract is an indispensable means to have a sure and safe conveyancing process. Both parties, SELLER and BUYER, need to meet legal requirements  described … [Read more...]

What is the Land Registry?

The Land Registry in Spain is a public office where every ownership and real estate rights are officially registered to the general and public knowledge. It means the main authority in ownerships and real estate rights, and implies a protection and security for every operation in the sector. Its … [Read more...]

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