5 Questions on the effects of Brexit when buying, owning and selling property in Spain

Will I still have rights to buy and own a property in Spain? Of course yes, your acquisition rights will remain intact. Ownership rights as regulated in our Civil Code are the same regardless of nationality. Will I still have rights to rent it out? Again, of course, rental rights are … [Read more...]

AIFOS Banks Will Not Escape – Case Won

We recently won a case against the BANCO POPULAR in an AIFOS development in the First Instance Court. This is a very important court decision that we want to share with you. The client did not receive an individual Guarantee from the developer, AIFOS nor did they receive one from the Bank to … [Read more...]

Our Top Five Cases Against Off-Plan Property Developer’s Banks

We have now won more than 220 cases against Spanish Off-Plan Property Developer's Banks and have sent millions of euros back to our clients, making them happy and achieving good justice in Spain. Victims were those whose off plan purchases failed in Spain after the financial and real estate … [Read more...]


All is decided... now is the right time: you are finally moving to Spain. You are feeling a combination of excitement and fear but are determined to make the move to start a new life. You are planning the best strategy for a smooth transition. “A figure of utmost trust would be ideal”, you … [Read more...]


You are lost in the huge amount of available properties, agents and offers in Spain. Whilst you do not want to miss the opportunity, your previous experience is telling you clearly that you need to be in the hands of a good, independent lawyer. We can be your friendly hand in Spain and be with … [Read more...]

Reflections before starting the New Year

  I was reflecting yesterday on the level of fullness and  satisfaction we had as Spaniards from 1978 to the early 90s . With the ups and downs inherent to any society, the social and economic welfare had during those years a natural, sustainable, predictable  pace ... Results could be … [Read more...]

Just one month for work visa

Celebrating a client of us was granted work visa today. She is from Russia. It took just one month for her to have it. It was a transforming process as she already had residency visa. Great! Maria … [Read more...]

Spanish judges in UK and US

The Council of Ministers in Spain , at the proposal of  Minister of Justice , Alberto Ruiz- Gallardón, has decided to  strengthen presence of our Judicial body in the international arena with the appointment of a liaison magistrate in London to act before the judicial authorities of the United … [Read more...]

Spain wins for work-family balance

Spain rates extraordinary well on family-work balance at recent OCDE report If you are curious, read and tell us what you … [Read more...]

IHT(Inheritance Tax) in Andalucia, Spain)

An old post, from 2009, which has been reanimated these days. Legal tip 170. 4 conditions to pay 0 € for IHT in Andalucia 26 October 2009 @ 15:21 As expressed in a recent Andalusian decree dated September 2009: the reduction of the taxable amount will be total, which means you will be … [Read more...]

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