5 Questions on the effects of Brexit when buying, owning and selling property in Spain

Will I still have rights to buy and own a property in Spain? Of course yes, your acquisition rights will remain intact. Ownership rights as regulated in our Civil Code are the same regardless of nationality. Will I still have rights to rent it out? Again, of course, rental rights are … [Read more...]

Transfer tax in Spain and how to defend yourself against local tax authority claims

WHAT IS THE TRANSFER TAX? The tax to be paid by you as a property buyer in Spain is called the Transfer Tax. The rate varies from region to region. The taxable amount on which this rate is applied is known as the Tax Value of the … [Read more...]

First Occupation Licence is ALWAYS Necessary for Off-Plan Property Purchases

First Occupation License is always necessary when completing on your off plan property purchase Notary deeds in Spain.   Whatever regional regulations establishes, as Notaries and Registrars and Constitutional Court in Spain have already set, when interpreting all Acts and regulations … [Read more...]

Off-Plan Purchase Contracts

Off plan Sales contract recommended by Consumers Authorities Since 2001, there is a model contract for sales of new houses, applicable to both first sales and resales that, even not compulsory, it is intended to be used as the recommended model by every building company and/or developers and used … [Read more...]


You are lost in the huge amount of available properties, agents and offers in Spain. Whilst you do not want to miss the opportunity, your previous experience is telling you clearly that you need to be in the hands of a good, independent lawyer. We can be your friendly hand in Spain and be with … [Read more...]


We all know the story.......Lawyers working in association with Estate agents who did nothing for hundreds of clients during the housing boom (lack of guarantees, lack of timely legal advice to breaches of developers and banks, lack of genuine interest in their clients’ needs and … [Read more...]

What does the lease with option purchase agreement mean and what are its implications?

The Lease with Option Purchase Agreement consists of a tenant that remains in a rented home for a certain period agreed by both parties. Once that agreed period is over, the tenant may choose to purchase that home with a price reduced according to the rents paid previously. It comes to be a sort … [Read more...]

Plusvalía discounts in Spain ending by 31st of December 2014

Tax reform that the Spanish government is planning will generate an avalanche of home sales by the end of this year. One of the main changes affects the capital gains tax rate. Properties purchase before 1994 will no longer receive discounts in the calculation of capital gains tax rate (in … [Read more...]

New judicial doctrine by the Supreme Court on Contract Cancellations

The Spanish Supreme Court has established new judicial doctrine on contract cancellations. According to a decision from May 7, 2014, by the Civil Room: 1. Any delay is cancellatory in Declarative Procedures and Claims against guarantors; 2. According to Spanish Act 57/68, 3rd Provision, an … [Read more...]

Conveyancing COSTALUZ LAWYERS Golden Rules (2)

THE DEPOSIT CONTRACT. RULE NUMBER 1: CLEAR AND FULL IDENTIFICATION OF THE PARTIES. As explained in our preceding post, the Deposit Contract is an indispensable means to have a sure and safe conveyancing process. Both parties, SELLER and BUYER, need to meet legal requirements  described … [Read more...]

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