Notaries, Planning Law and property transfer in Spain

This is what Land Act in Spain says (not too clearly, by the way), on Notaries, planning status, and transmission of property in Spain: Transfer of property does not produce any change in regards to obligations related to planning/zoning regulations ( toward Zoning Authorities).  The new owner " … [Read more...]

Friend John Wolfendale of EcovidaInternational says about us… Maria Luisa de Castro: a Spanish lawyer with a northern … [Read more...]

Floor clauses. How the fight is going

PLease enjoy this post written by one of the Law Fim´s legal assistants, Manuel Guerrero: THE WAR OF THE “FLOOR CLAUSES” by Manuel Guerrero Since last May 9, when the Spanish Supreme Court condemned three Spanish banks to withdraw from all their mortgage contracts the so-called "floor clauses … [Read more...]

Spain Supreme Court and lack of finances

Recent Court Decission by  Spain Supreme Court has established that cancellation of  off plan contract operates if delay by the builder brought the building period to reach the financial crisis and, therefore, mortgage was not granted to the buyer. Principles substaining this decission are those … [Read more...]

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