Our Top Five Cases Against Off-Plan Property Developer’s Banks

We have now won more than 220 cases against Spanish Off-Plan Property Developer's Banks and have sent millions of euros back to our clients, making them happy and achieving good justice in Spain. Victims were those whose off plan purchases failed in Spain after the financial and real estate … [Read more...]

Congratulations to our clients for two won cases in Orihuela!

One of our clients has won a  case against the appeal filed by BBVA bank opposing a previous First Instance Court decision; the other one has won the case against the developer and the bank, that were considered jointly liable according to Law 57/68. In both cases legal costs are imposed on the … [Read more...]

Conveyancing COSTALUZ LAWYERS Golden Rules (2)

THE DEPOSIT CONTRACT. RULE NUMBER 1: CLEAR AND FULL IDENTIFICATION OF THE PARTIES. As explained in our preceding post, the Deposit Contract is an indispensable means to have a sure and safe conveyancing process. Both parties, SELLER and BUYER, need to meet legal requirements  described … [Read more...]

Conveyancing COSTALUZ LAWYERS Golden Rules (1)

Coming soon we will offer you a series of posts about Conveyancing in Spain. We will try to help you and guide you to make your process easier and more enjoyable. We are offering you our COSTALUZ Golden Rules on Conveyancing. FIRST OF ALL, THE DEPOSIT CONTRACT: Number 1: Your deposit … [Read more...]

New Case Won by COSTALUZ & DECASTRO against Mare Nostrum bank!

First Instance Sentence issued last 5th of June and notified on 17th of June 2014 establishes that the bank MARE NOSTRUM (before, CAJA DE AHORROS GENERAL DE GRANADA) is liable under Spanish Act 57/68 for failing to demand from the Promotor the corresponding Certificate of Insurance or … [Read more...]

New won case: against Los Lagos de Santa Maria & Banco Popular

This is a new won case against Los Lagos de Santa María & Banco Popular Hipotecario. We have been notified today. Congratulations to our clients!   … [Read more...]

To check out when a Bank is selling property

- Deposit contract: Revise that it is treated as a true deposit contract and that therefore penalty clauses if the sale is finally not concluded are balanced, recirpocal, equivalent for buyers and sellers. Have clear statement that rule governing the deposit is that of 1454 of the Civil … [Read more...]

No pressure on when buying

The old, common, nasty ways of always: this is the last available bargain, RUSH!, we have got another interested buyer, RUN!, we cannot wait for you to check on..., DECIDE!, PAY! still running please, not to be trapped As a buyer, you have the  power and  the righst and  need to have  peace … [Read more...]

Banks to refund!

International Funds seeking Spain´s property, accordint to Knight Frank and commemnted by Mark Stucklin of Spanish Property Insight Yet another sign that big investors are targeting the distressed Spanish property market in search of high returns. Spain has moved up from sixth to third place in a … [Read more...]

Banks keep making me mad

As part of the deal, Sabadell wanted us to give up our clients rights and actions in regards to possible future hidden deffects of the property and lack of quality/ energy efficicency! At the very last minute, at the Notary. Trying to impose them on us with the only argument of the low price of … [Read more...]

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