4 Keys To Delighting Your Customers, by R. Sharma

Today we are sharing with you this nice content about "4 Keys To Delighting Your Customers", from Robin Sharma. Here you have the Four Keys: 1. Talk To Your Customers: A problem is nothing more than an opportunity to engage and wow the people who keep you in business. 2. Say You’re Sorry: … [Read more...]

New victories against banks about floor clause

Suppressing floor clauses from mortgage deeds, refunding unjustly collected customers’ money and paying for procedure costs: this is the content of recent sentences issued between April, 22nd and May, 28th in Spain against 4 different banks and their floor clauses. The sentences are based on Article … [Read more...]

New European definition of “misleading commercial practice”

The European Unfair Commercial Practices Directive  includes a new description for "Misleading Commercial Practice": A practice that on the one hand, contains false information or is induced to deceive the average consumer, and on the other hand, can cause the consumer to take a transactional … [Read more...]

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