Does the Uber ruling affect online platforms for the sale and/or rental of real estate in Spain?

The recent Preliminary Ruling of 20th December 2017 from the EUCJ (European Union Court of Justice) raises the question of whether the solution of the European court can be applied to other online platforms that intervene in different markets, specifically in the real estate market for the sale and … [Read more...]

Spain’s IRPH Mortgages to be revised by Europe?

Clients with mortgages linked to the IRPH index in Spain aim to refer their case to the European courts. They have been encouraged by the vote of two Supreme Court Magistrates who believe that the clause does not meet the required transparency control. On November 22, Spain’s Supreme Court ruled … [Read more...]

Cláusula Suelo – ECJ Press Release – 21 December 2016

COURT OF JUSTICE OF THE EUROPEAN UNION - PRESS RELEASE No. 144/16 - Luxembourg, 21 Dec 2016 CLAUSULA SUELO - MORTGAGE FLOOR CLAUSES Spanish case-law placing a temporal limitation on the effects of the invalidity of ‘floor clauses’ included in mortgage loan contracts in Spain is incompatible … [Read more...]

Spanish Scientist Suggests Yogurt Can Help With Depression

A study, led by the Professor of the University of Navarra (north of Spain), Miguel Ángel Martínez-González, director of the Cyber OBN group, has confirmed that consumption of whole yogurt, rich in fat, is linked with a lower risk of depression, in women. This was revealed by the Navarre centre, in … [Read more...]

Q&A on European Wills

Today´s Q&A on European Wills: Q-According to old ruling ( before August 2015) when a Brit, whose only  estate assets are in Spain,  or better said: if he does not have estate assets in the UK dies, the UK will have to refer back to Spain and the inheritance laws therein. Consequently any … [Read more...]

María de Castro Eye on Spain Podcast – Questions & Answers

QUESTION NUMBER ONE: TAX VALUE OF PROPERTIES IN SPAIN Name: Steve Comment: Hi Maria I am non-resident and in 2011 I sold my apartment in Andalucía for 55,000 Euros in order to buy a nearby villa. In 2013 I received a 'complementária' from AEAT . The authorities valued the apartment at 110,000 and … [Read more...]

4 Keys To Delighting Your Customers, by R. Sharma

Today we are sharing with you this nice content about "4 Keys To Delighting Your Customers", from Robin Sharma. Here you have the Four Keys: 1. Talk To Your Customers: A problem is nothing more than an opportunity to engage and wow the people who keep you in business. 2. Say You’re Sorry: … [Read more...]

New victories against banks about floor clause

Suppressing floor clauses from mortgage deeds, refunding unjustly collected customers’ money and paying for procedure costs: this is the content of recent sentences issued between April, 22nd and May, 28th in Spain against 4 different banks and their floor clauses. The sentences are based on Article … [Read more...]

New European definition of “misleading commercial practice”

The European Unfair Commercial Practices Directive  includes a new description for "Misleading Commercial Practice": A practice that on the one hand, contains false information or is induced to deceive the average consumer, and on the other hand, can cause the consumer to take a transactional … [Read more...]

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