Marbella Vista Golf and Banco Popular to refund our clients

Judge words:    “I estimate in full the Lawsuit filed by xxxxxx and xxxxxx against MARBELLA VISTA GOLF S.L. and against BANCO POPULAR ESPAÑOL S.A. with the following statements: a) The Contract of Sale signed by xxxxx & xxxxxx & MARBELLA VISTA GOLF S.L. dated 18 December 2003 is … [Read more...]

Banks to refund!

International Funds seeking Spain´s property, accordint to Knight Frank and commemnted by Mark Stucklin of Spanish Property Insight Yet another sign that big investors are targeting the distressed Spanish property market in search of high returns. Spain has moved up from sixth to third place in a … [Read more...]

Refund if Ground Floors in mortgages

 Congratulations to clients, ADICAE and Cuenca Appeal Court, . Teaching the Spanish Supreme Court to understand what nullity is and what are their effects under very basic and general principles of Law. Since Roman times. Nullity have always clear consequences: effects to be reversed. In short … [Read more...]

Floor clauses. How the fight is going

PLease enjoy this post written by one of the Law Fim´s legal assistants, Manuel Guerrero: THE WAR OF THE “FLOOR CLAUSES” by Manuel Guerrero Since last May 9, when the Spanish Supreme Court condemned three Spanish banks to withdraw from all their mortgage contracts the so-called "floor clauses … [Read more...]

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