Second sales of properties and hidden defects in Spain

Second sales of properties and hidden defects: legal actions When the buyer can not avail himself of the usual, normal and ordinary profits of the acquired thing, he may exercise the action derived from the hidden defects or redhibitory vices, which refer to the vices, imperfections or defects … [Read more...]

5 Questions on the effects of Brexit when buying, owning and selling property in Spain

Will I still have rights to buy and own a property in Spain? Of course yes, your acquisition rights will remain intact. Ownership rights as regulated in our Civil Code are the same regardless of nationality. Will I still have rights to rent it out? Again, of course, rental rights are … [Read more...]

Who Said the Lawyer isn’t Liable?

Case Law in Spain has already declared liabilities of conveyance lawyers who assisted clients in off plan purchases when clients lack Bank Guarantees Depending on possibilities of proving (1) effective damages arising from this lack and (2) direct cause-effect relationship between the damage … [Read more...]

Transfer tax in Spain and how to defend yourself against local tax authority claims

WHAT IS THE TRANSFER TAX? The tax to be paid by you as a property buyer in Spain is called the Transfer Tax. The rate varies from region to region. The taxable amount on which this rate is applied is known as the Tax Value of the … [Read more...]

Keys Back to the Bank: a testimonial

  Received this JEWEL today. Wanted to share: Sorry this has taken me so long but I’m emailing you in response to your request for a testimonial hope it’s not too long; I just wanted to say thank-you very much to you and your colleagues for all your help with my Dacion in Spain. I was … [Read more...]

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