Our Top Five Cases Against Off-Plan Property Developer’s Banks

We have now won more than 220 cases against Spanish Off-Plan Property Developer's Banks and have sent millions of euros back to our clients, making them happy and achieving good justice in Spain. Victims were those whose off plan purchases failed in Spain after the financial and real estate … [Read more...]

The Building Insurance

According to Spanish Law (Law 2/1981 and Royal Decree 716/2009) on Mortgages, the only compulsory insurance when taking out a mortgage is the buildings insurance (damages insurance). According to provision 10.1 Royal Decree 716/2009: "The property on which the mortgage guarantee is constituted, … [Read more...]

A win precedent. 4 British families will be compensated and their (illegal) houses not demolished

A recent ruling by Judge Maria Teresa Vidaurreta of Criminal Court No. 2 of Almeria considers first time the moral damage and suffering of homebuyers whose properties were later on classified as illegal houses since they were built on non-for-building land. The victims, most of them Brits who bought … [Read more...]

To check out when a Bank is selling property

- Deposit contract: Revise that it is treated as a true deposit contract and that therefore penalty clauses if the sale is finally not concluded are balanced, recirpocal, equivalent for buyers and sellers. Have clear statement that rule governing the deposit is that of 1454 of the Civil … [Read more...]

Notaries, Planning Law and property transfer in Spain

This is what Land Act in Spain says (not too clearly, by the way), on Notaries, planning status, and transmission of property in Spain: Transfer of property does not produce any change in regards to obligations related to planning/zoning regulations ( toward Zoning Authorities).  The new owner " … [Read more...]

Friend John Wolfendale of EcovidaInternational says about us…

http://www.eyeonspain.com/blogs/costaluz/11166/Legal-tip-1018-Friend-John-from-EcoVidaInternational-says-about-us.aspx http://ecovidainternational.com/miscellaneous/maria-luisa-de-castro-a-spanish-lawyer-with-a-northern-european-outlook/ Maria Luisa de Castro: a Spanish lawyer with a northern … [Read more...]

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