Spain’s IRPH Mortgages to be revised by Europe?

Clients with mortgages linked to the IRPH index in Spain aim to refer their case to the European courts. They have been encouraged by the vote of two Supreme Court Magistrates who believe that the clause does not meet the required transparency control. On November 22, Spain’s Supreme Court ruled … [Read more...]

New judicial doctrine by the Supreme Court on Contract Cancellations

The Spanish Supreme Court has established new judicial doctrine on contract cancellations. According to a decision from May 7, 2014, by the Civil Room: 1. Any delay is cancellatory in Declarative Procedures and Claims against guarantors; 2. According to Spanish Act 57/68, 3rd Provision, an … [Read more...]

Airline claim in Spain

Today´s very short legal tip: If you travelled and stayed in Spain during your holidays and suffered any damage arised from the activity of the Spanish Airline ( delay, lost of luggage...), despite you being  a foreign traveller; your hotel, hostal, rented apartment in Spain will be used as the … [Read more...]

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