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Costaluz Lawyers is a small law firm specialising in taking legal action against banks. We have won hundreds of cases against a range of Spanish banks who had failed to meet their legal obligations with regard to property purchases and more. We hate to see legitimate property buyers losing out due to the actions of banks, and we are highly skilled and experienced in getting justice for you.

We have a fantastic reputation for taking on banks and property developers and winning – fighting for the rights of property buyers in Spain. We want to make it as easy as possible for foreigners to buy and invest in Spain, so we are always on your side. Read on for more details or get in contact with us today for more information on how we could help you.

BANCO SABADELL must return almost 300,000 Euros including interest & costs to a British couple for a failed off-plan property development in La Campaneta, Orihuela.

This was ordered on 9th January 2018 by the First Instance Court Number 2 in Orihuela, Alicante, Spain. The responsibility derives from the legal obligations of the Bank according to Spanish Law, LEY 57/1968.  Banco CAM (now Banco SABADELL) accepted the buyers off-plan deposits into accounts … [Read more...]

New case won: SABADELL SOLBANK must return almost 500,000 Euros to buyers at the Cala Romántica development in Mallorca for a failed off plan property development.

This was ordered on 19th December 2017 by the First Instance Court Number 8 of Marbella, Malaga, Spain. The responsibility derives from the issuance by BANCO CAM (now SABADELL SOLBANK) of a General Line of Guarantees for the refund of advanced payments according to Law 57/1968.   This is a new … [Read more...]

45 Cases Won against Banks in 2017


Courts against Banks in Spanish illegal properties

Another great decision dated April 2017 by Alicante Provincial Appeal Court Section 9 in a case against CAIXABANK regarding solution to urban illegalities. Law 57/1968 is applied to a case of urban illegality where the buyer had been living in the house for 9 years with no habitation … [Read more...]

Caixabank must pay more than one million euros for failed off-plan ‘Jardines de Manilva’ property development in Estepona, Costa del Sol

In March 2017, the Court of First Instance No.4 in Estepona ordered Caixabank (previously Cajasol) to pay a group of British buyers the sum of 958,275.30€ plus the corresponding legal interest. The properties were not completed on time according to the Purchase Contracts which had been cancelled … [Read more...]

Barclays punished in Marbella off plan

Punishment to Barclays (now Caixabank) in Marbella in an off-plan development. Caixabank condemned to return more than €100,000 of interest in an off-plan development which was not finished on time, using Spanish Law 57/1968. The Fifth Section of the Provincial Court of Malaga, on a Court … [Read more...]

Corvera Golf & Country Club – Bankruptcy procedure

LEY 57/1968 – RESPONSIBILITY OF THE FINANCIAL INSTITUTION – BANK OR INSURER On 16 December, the Mercantile Court Number One of Murcia declared, at the request of creditors represented by the Costaluz Lawyers & DeCastro legal teams, the insolvency and administration of Corvera Golf & … [Read more...]

Trampolin Hills and liability of La Caixa and other banks according to LEY 57/1968

Developments like Trampolin Hills were widely known during the real estate boom due to the big number of affected victims. Location of guarantees was also specially complicated due to the bad administration of the whole business. One of the real advantages of a development going into creditors … [Read more...]

Santander, BBVA, Caixa & Bankia are coordinating on a new mortgage deed standard template

Four of Spain’s biggest banks, Santander, BBVA, CaixaBank and Bankia, have taken account of the legal challenge regarding the floor clauses and have launched an image cleansing operation that will, among other aspects, implement a new generalized model of mortgage deeds in Spain. The objective is … [Read more...]

Questions and answers on extrajudicial (out of court) procedure for the return of overpaid interest due to floor clauses in Spanish Mortgages

How to claim a refund of overpaid interest due to floor clauses in Spanish Mortgages These steps need to be followed:1.- Claim to your bank office/branch 2.- The bank must send to the consumer the calculation of the amount to be returned, including interest or, where appropriate, the … [Read more...]

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