Brexit and Settled Status in Spain

Is there anything clear on status of expats after Brexit?
The negotiators of the European Union and the UK government set out a jointly report that will be part of the Withdrawal Agreement in full detail. This was published on the TF50 website on the 8th of December 2017.
Access to the document below:

What was this preliminary report about?
In this first phase of negotiations, parties have agreed across the following three areas
a.- Protecting the rights of European Union Citizens in the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom citizen in the European Union
b.- The framework for addressing the unique circumstances in Northern Ireland; and
c.- The financial settlement

What is the “settled status”?
United Kingdom citizens living in the European Union and European citizens living in the UK within the United Kingdom territory for more than five years on the 29th of March 2019 will obtain the settled status.
Residents in one or other territory for less than five years will be able to stay until they have reached the five years threshold.
Family members of the citizens that will be benefited from the agreement are: spouses, unmarried partners, children, dependent parents and grandparents, children born or adopted after the 29th of March 2019.
The right to be joined by other family members will be subjected by national law
What rights will be maintained by those under the “settled status”?
– Healthcare rights
– Pension
– Other benefit provisions as they are today. The European Union and the United Kingdom government will co-ordinate rules for future contributions.

Do I need to do anything to formal recognition of the Settled Status?
1. Citizens holding a permanent residence document issued under Union law by 29th of March 2019 will have that document converted into the new document free of charge, subject only to verification of identity. If you have “Residente comunitario permanente” in your residence card, this means that you already have permanent residence and no further action is required.
2. Citizens without the residence document could obtain the rights under the Withdrawal Agreement if the citizen is able to proof his continuous residency in the territory by any other means of proof, especially if you arrived before March 29th, 2014. (eg. Padron certificate from Townhall, Health Insurance in Spain, ownership or rental of property, utility bills…)

What rights will I have as a spouse of a European Union citizen?

Those married to or dependent of European Union citizens will have residency rights covered under the family links.

Will be obtain professional recognition?
Persons covered by the scope of the Withdrawal Agreement will obtain recognition of their professional qualifications.

Will I be able to leave Spain without losing the “settled condition”?
Yes, you can be absent from Spain for up to five years without losing your settled status.

Do countries can individually improve conditions with the UK?
The Withdrawal Agreement will be based on reciprocity and the national law of the different countries will have the possibility to improve the Withdrawal Agreement.

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