Castellon Provincial Appeal Court in Spain reduces Banks rights due to use of small print

The 3rd Section of Castellon Provincial Appeal Court has recently limited the claim of a Bank by allowing it to claim only the principal of the debt (4,600 euros) but not the interest (766 euros) since it annuls the clause that sets the interest. This annulment is because the typeface in which it is written is so small that for reading it is not enough to use a pair of glasses but a magnifying glass is needed.


According to the order, “the general clause of the contract that establishes the remuneration interests does not exceed the necessary transparency control, since that remuneration interest is established on the back of the contract that is not signed by the defendant, being in a context of difficult reading, given the letters are so tiny that it cannot be read with usual reading glasses but instead a magnifying glass is required.  This results in the clauses being difficult to read and difficult to understand for an average person as it uses difficult concepts and complicated mathematical formulas

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