Claims on tax value of properties in Spain

Tax Value of Properties in Spain

The Tax Value of a property is the value that the autonomous communities allocate to the real estate. Taxes are calculated on it at the moment a transmission is made.

These values can be consulted in the different websites of each region, in some cases there is a calculator and in others applying a certain coefficient to the cadastral value (which you must know beforehand)

Cadastral value of a property

The cadaster is an administrative record that includes the description of all real estate in Spain.  Registration is free and mandatory, and provides a 20-digit reference, which identifies the property.

The cadastral value of a property is an administrative value that depends on the criteria of each municipality. Criteria that are considered for this are:  location of the building, cost of construction, production costs, benefits of business promotion, market values, land value and construction value.

This value usually does not surpass the market value and can be updated by coefficients, approved in the annual general budgets of the state.

Public cadastral data can be consulted but the cadastral value can only be provided to the owner of the property, it is considered a protected data.

Revision of Tax Value by the administration

After our own tax declaration and related payment, it is possible that the Administration claims for a further payment. This is because their tax value is higher than the one declared by us. After the real estate crisis it occurs frequently that the cadastral value exceeds the current market value, so it is necessary to present a contradictory appraisal that expresses the real value of the property in order to pay fair taxes.

Your claim

If you have received a claim from the Administration, a successful appeal is possible as in many occasions the Administration is making a generic valuation of the property which has been already considered as insufficient by our Supreme Court.

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