Renting Your House in Cataluña



If you are a property owner in Cataluña and:


  • You rent your property for seasons
  • Repeatedly
  • Directly or indirectly
  • In conditions of immediate availability.

House needs to be rented as a whole, not by rooms

Seasonal renting is for a period up to 31 days

Reiterated lease is when it is rented two or more times within one year.


 Official requisites  


1.- They must have Occupation License and meet all technical and quality conditions. Cannot be occupied in excess of the allowed occupants


2.- Sufficiently furnished and provided with the necessary devices, chattels and houseware for his immediate use, in relation with the maximum capacity. All in full hygienic conditions.


  1. Owner or manager of the house must provide an assistance and maintenance service. A phone must be available for the solving of any problem.


4.- Previous communication to Local Council is required. By owner and if necessary, by manager too.


  1. Registration at the regional Tourism office. Local Councils send pertinent information to Regional Authorities.


  1. House must have Regional Consumers Complaints form available for the tenants.

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