Renting Your House In Asturias


If you are a property owner who rents his property at lease once a year , through tourism channels in ASTURIAS:

You need to know:

The unit cannot be classified as : hotel, tourist apartment, rural house, and tourist lodgings.

You provide lodging service for a price in a habitual and professional way

You always need to rent the full house and not by room

Apartments within a Horizontal Property Regime cannot be considered as Holiday houses


Official requisites:

  • You need authorization from Tourism regional department before renting the house.
  • An official signal or plaque will have to be showed at the front wall of the house.
  • Owners need to have civil indemnity insurance to cover any damaging event to the tenants.
  • There are technical requirements to be met for facilities and minimal equipments, bedrooms, and bathrooms.
  • Maximum vacancies are 14, distributed in seven rooms
  • Stays in these houses comprisepacific use of the house. The hiring will be for weeks, week-ends and long weekends.
  • In terms of reservations, anadvanced payment of the price is possible, being as maximum, the 50% of the full Price. The tenant can, at any time, cancel the reservation.
  • Prices will be public and  placed in anaccesible place. Price will comprise water supply, electricity, and combustible necessary for heating, hot water and kitchen.
  • Payment will be made when and where agreed, if there is no specific agreement to this respect, payment will be madein the establishment when the invoice is presented to be paid.


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