Renting Your House In Andalucia


If you are a property owner who rents his property at lease once a year , through tourism channels in Andalucia:

Only rules for Holiday houses or touristic rental houses in Andalucía are a few articles of a Tourism Regional Law dated 1999

According to the 1999Law, holiday rental houses are those which offer a lodging service and are offered to the public for a seasonal use or are occupied for touristic reasons once or more times a year.

The rentals are for the whole house and not for rooms.

Rural touristic houses are, by definition of this Law, these same units in the rural area. Just lodging service is provided.

These touristic houses need to have enough furniture and house ware for immediate use.

A decree (still not existing) will regulate minimum requirements. It is supposed to be passed in 2015. A draft which was published in June 2014 does allow owners to offer a bed and breakfast service and single room occupation, but insists on Wifi, air conditioning and heating

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