Spanish judges in UK and US

The Council of Ministers in Spain , at the proposal of  Minister of Justice , Alberto Ruiz- Gallardón, has decided to  strengthen presence of our Judicial body in the international arena with the appointment of a liaison magistrate in London to act before the judicial authorities of the United Kingdom and the forthcoming appointment of a Minister of Justice at the Embassy of Spain in America. The Council has also given the green light to the appointment of an Ad Hoc judge candidate for the European Court of Human Rights.

The appointment of a liaison magistrate in London, which itself has long had a counterpart in Spain , so far correspond to the member of the General Council of the Judiciary ( GCJ ) Miguel Carmona.

Spain has liaison judges in France and Italy currently, as well as a director of Legal Cooperation in Rabat. Role of these is to strengthen legal cooperation and coordination between Spain and each of those countries , which from now on will also include the UK and the U.S. While relations with both countries are good, the government considers essential to strengthen legal cooperation with both specific and provide legal assistance to the embassies of both countries , as in the Anglo-Saxon system governs  Common Law system, this link judge will provide direct contact and support for adaptation and confluence of that system with Spanish law.

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