Residency for investors in Spain

Not a secret now, Law in force:

Non European foreign investors now getting residency permits in Spain, when:

Investing equal to or more than 2 billion euros in Spanish government bonds, or purchase equal to or more than a million euros  in shares of  Spanish companies, or bank deposits at Spanish financial institutions.

Acquiring real estate in Spain with an investment of equal or superior to EUR 500,000 per applicant.

Starting a  business project that will be developed in Spain and is considered and credited as of general interest, for which  the performance of at least one of the following conditions will be valued:


1. º Creating jobs.


2. º Making an investment with relevant socio-economic impact in the geographical area in which the activity will develop.


3 º Important contribution to scientific innovation and / or technology.


3. It will also be a significant capital investment when this is made by a company which is established  in a  territory which is not considered a tax haven according to Spanish law, and the applicant foreign owns, directly or indirectly, the majority of the voting rights and has the power to appoint or remove a majority of the members of the Company board.

Anyone there willing to come an stablish in Spain. There are great real estate opportunities and companies being sold, together with the awesome potential of regions like mine: Andalucia.



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