Company setup in Spain

Some answers to someone willing to start a scooter hire business in Spain:

1, Is there any type of permission i need to run such a business? No specific one. You will have to register as an Autonomo or SL, get registered at the Tax office and hire the corresponding civil liability insurances

2, Is the process of starting up such a business a lengthy process? It is not. 24hours with the new Express License which will enter into force very soon with the New Enterpreneurs Act.

3, I will be importing the scooters from China, whats the relative costs for this? Do I get slapt for 100% import tax or the like??

It will depend on number of scooters, but as a general answer:

– Transport 200-500€
– Expenses in Spain Harbour: 400-800€
 -Customs clearance: 120-400€
 -Customs duty: 6%
– Taxes: 16% VAT plus 4% of equivalence surcharge
I do hope this helps! 😉

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